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The BEST Way to Teach Music to Babies

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Babies are exposed to sounds during pregnancy. At birth, their sense of hearing is completely developed and their brains are programmed to find patterns, making their first year the best time to start exposing babies to music. Kindermusik’s curricula makes it fun and easy to teach music to babies and young children, and has the best educational …

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Introducing two new Kindermusik classes: a baby music class and a toddler music class

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Have you meet the newest members of the Kindermusik family? We are talking about our two newest Kindermusik classes: Cuddle & Bounce and Sing & Play.  Babies and toddlers grow and learn at an amazing pace. Seemingly one minute your child needs to be swaddled up snuggly and the next minute your little one wobbles (or runs!) around the room. In our Kindermusik baby
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Kindermusik “plays” in Italy at Il Chiostro dei Bambini

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Il Chiostro dei Bambini was a three-day event that took place at The Diocesan Museum in the San’Eustorgio district, one of the most antique and monumental complexes of Milan, Italy. An exhibition dedicated to children and their families was set up in the larger square courtyard of this museum built from joined units of the basilica and Dominican convent. On invitation, over 40 stands
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